How to make a flashlight

how to make a flashlight

In this post we will try to answer the question: How to make a flashlight?

Making your own flashlight seems to be a hard project, and the professional types (lathe-turned, titanium-bodied) are surely the domain of the commercial manufacturers.

However, technically speaking, a flashlight (read what is a flashlight here) is not really hard to make on DIY basis (with the components easily available off the shelf).

You can find all the required parts at your home (if you are bit of a technical minded outdoors person) or at a hardware store.The interesting bit is, they aren’t expensive either. It would be fun doing it and give you some amount of understanding into the science of circuits.

how to make a tactical flashlight

The interesting bit is, they aren’t expensive either. It would be fun doing it and give you some amount of understanding into the science of circuits.

How to make a flashlight:

The article would explain the steps for making your own flashlight or a class project for summer camps, fairs, etc. The material you will need is readily available and some (or most) of the components can be found at your home even.

Here is a list of items you would need:

  • 2 x AA cell batteries, (see what is the best one here)  which can be bought from any hardware store (alkaline is more suitable to power your flashlight bulb but we suggest lithium for more power).
  • 2.5’’ copper bell wire of which 1’’ of insulation stripped off from both ends.
  • PR6, or number 222, 3-volt flash bub or an LED.
  • Cardboard tube (cut to 4’’ in length).
  • 2 brass fasteners.
  • A 1’’x 2’’ cardboard strip.
  • One Paper clip.
  • A Tape.
  • A Bathroom size paper cup or a toilet paper roll (just the roll, without toilet paper).
  • A pair of scissors

What is the Next step in “How to make a flashlight” Guide ?

how to make a flashlight

Follow the steps:

  1. To the end of each side of wire attach a brass fastener .Wrap it around to secure it (with the wires coming out from different sides).
  2. Push the tabs to the same side of a cardboard tube. The pointy ends should be sticking out of the tube (this would serve as an on/off switch).
  3. Join the 2 AA batteries together with the tape. Make sure the negative end is on the top, and the positive is on the bottom. The battery should be double in length (not width). Slide the batteries into the tube making sure they stick together. The negative end is the flat one. Tape the wire on the negative end of the battery. Covering it with tape is sufficient for insulation.
  4. On your small cardboard strip cut a hole. Place the wire on the positive end through the hole and wrap that wire around the bulb. To support the bulb, place it in the hole in the cardboard.

It is almost done, go ahead!

  1. Wrap tape around the base of the bulb and cardboard (to keep it secured to the wire).The bulb should start flickering at this point. Make sure that the bulb is well-fitted or it will detach from the cardboard and connection of the wires will be broken.
  2. Cut a hole in the bottom of a paper cup (just large enough for the bulb). Place the bulb into the hole and join the cup with the cardboard with some more tape. Make sure that the bulb fits well in the arrangement.
  3. Between the two brass ends insert a pop tab or a paper clip. When the paper clip is touching both brass fasteners, it conducts the electricity and turn the bulb on. If the pop tab is moved, your flashlight should turn off.

If you conducted this procedure correctly, your flashlight is ready to operate and you have your own homemade flashlight for your next outdoor trip.

Happy camping!

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