Best battery for flashlight with Lithium_CR_123A

Why Streamlight 85177  – CR123A Lithium Batteries as a Best battery for flashlight?

Best battery for flashlight

Best battery for flashlight : Why Lithium:

Best battery for flashlight: Lithium is a popular choice as a node in batteries mainly due to its capacity to develop high charge densities; Which means more energy. For an user it means longer life on the same size. The downside is the higher cost. Another hidden cost is the cost of disposal which is still not so relevant still in today’s world.

Practically all components use lithium batteries to drive their PCB’s. Cameras, devices, memory units all have a back-up system. In many watches this is the key source of energy. In watches the advantage is a very long life at same voltage level; translating into accuracy of watch. It is therefore the ‘best Battery for flashlight’ as it gives constant light for a very long time.

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Lithium for flashlights:

The higher cost of lithium, when used, is compensated by a longer life, at same energy level. That means the light is at the same intensity for a much longer period of time. Compared to other battery sources, when used, the light loses its energy slowly almost imperceptibly, and the loss of power, gets noticed only when something important to be seen is missed. For the sheer quality of light it is the ‘best battery for flashlight’. (See how to make a flashlight here)

batteries for flashlights

Best battery for flashlight: Multiple versus Single battery

A user has the choice of using multiple units of battery or using a flashlight with larger single battery. It is important to note that energy is generated in any battery only at the surface of the anode/cathode and the substrate media. If the energy is fixed, the surface area is fixed.

The choice translates into handling ease. This option is multiple battery to meet the energy need. The flashlight needs to integrate the batteries to meet the need. This option is the ‘best battery for flashlight’ as the need is met with a longer sustenance of energy level. In all batteries there is an emission of gases on usage.

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The accumulation of gases reduces the power. The use of multiple battery units spreads the gases and helps in sustaining the energy. The user will find that in a multiple unit design and with Lithium the power of flashlight will sustain at same level for the longest period of time.

This will be more relevant when the battery drain has been more. While the total energy from the battery will remain the same, the energy at peak power will be higher in a multiple unit design. The power of light will be highest for a longer period of time.

Best battery for flashlight: Packaging and usage

The packaging system gives a convenient unit which is dry, simple and easy to use. This system of packaging is most popular and widely used. Compared to all other designs of batteries, this design is the overwhelming favorite, and has the highest usage share.

This design also needs dryness, but is more capable of handling moisture than other designs. In other words it is more tolerant to moisture than other designs.

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