Battery for flashlights

battery for flashlights

A Battery for Flashlight

A battery is a mobile device used as a source of electrical power. It is an electrochemical device. The power and duration of need decides the design of the battery. This battery is an additional unit which attaches to the utility item. The utility item meets the inherent need of mans usage.

The needs can be usually light, computation, motion or sound. There can be a combination of all these also. The batteries for flashlight are the largest usage for batteries. Almost 60%+ of the usage is for this application alone. A battery by itself is of no practical use.

It is in combination with an utility item that a need of man is met.

battery for flashlights

Why Flashlight :- Man has always felt the need to use his senses while in motion. He needs to see where he is going. He wishes to know what is around.

When he wants to move in a direction; He tries to see in the direction, hear the sounds in the direction, smell what is there; and then he tries to feel what is there with a combination of all three.

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He adds his experience in similar situations. He tries to remember what is normally there. He remembers what others have said. All this plus ‘a feel’ ‘imagination’ and ‘instinct’ adds to the ‘know’ of the man. The first sense which is most mobile and fast is ‘to see’. The flashlight and the ‘batteries for flashlight’ aid in this need. A vital need met by these devices.

battery for flashlights

To see, man needs a reflected light. The flashlight and the batteries for flashlight provide the light when other sources are not available. When sun is shining then sun’s rays are the light source.

In areas where there is frequent movement, and for periods when sun rays are not available, man has created other semi-permanent light sources. To these sources man moves either energy (electricity in cables) or fuel(as oil, gas or coal etc) and sustain the light sources. But man moves in other areas also as per his need and wish. It is practically not possible and costly to create light source in all areas.

Wherever the need for light source is not often and sporadic, flashlights and batteries for flashlights are used. This source is limited, on call (Can be switched on and off at will) and adequate to meet the temporary need of light.

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best battery for flashlights

Environmental Issues:- The biggest problem with the mobile power sources is the cost of disposal. The least hazardous and long term solution will be if the device can be dismantled back into basic units and disposed off. So far man has not yet regarded this hazard to be that significant and this practice has not started. So man disposes the device after the useful life. The disposed battery is a hazard< Accumulation of these is the key environmental problem.

Till date the usefulness of the batteries for flashlights outweighs the hazards and they are most popular. Practically every person has used it once at least. It will continue to be used for quite some time, till the quantum of environmental problem grows to more significant levels.

Then a new solution will have to be thought off.

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