how to make a flashlight

How to make a flashlight

Making your own flashlight seems to be a hard project, and the professional types (lathe-turned, titanium-bodied) are surely the domain of the commercial manufacturers. However, technically speaking, a flashlight (read what is a flashlight here)…

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tf 3000 flashlight

TF 3000 Flashlight

Is the TF 3000 Flashlight the World’s best Flashlight till Date? So, flashlights have become one of the surprisingly popular items over the last couple of years. And why not? They are one of the…


Best battery for flashlight with Lithium_CR_123A

Why Streamlight 85177  – CR123A Lithium Batteries as a Best battery for flashlight? Best battery for flashlight : Why Lithium: Best battery for flashlight: Lithium is a popular choice as a node in batteries mainly due…